sb., -n; ligge i dvale

Dansk ordbog. 2015.

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  • Dvalinn — In Norse mythology, Dvalin is a dwarf who appears in several Old Norse tales and kennings. The name translates as the dormant one or the one slumbering (akin to the Danish and Norwegian dvale and Swedish dvala , meaning sleep , unconscious… …   Wikipedia

  • Norse dwarves — Dvergar or Norse dwarves (Old Norse dvergar , sing. dvergr ) are highly significant entities in Norse mythology, who associate with stones, the underground, deathliness, luck, magic, and technology, especially forging. They are identified with… …   Wikipedia

  • Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem — (meaning The student society of Trondheim ), or Samfundet for short is Norway s largest student society. Besides housing two cafés and frequently hosting concerts and other activities (among them Norway s biggest culture festival, UKA), it is an… …   Wikipedia

  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Valencia en Venezuela — For the Archdiocese in Spain, see Archdiocese of Valencia : For the diocese in Brazil, see Roman Catholic Diocese of Valença Infobox Diocese| jurisdiction=Archdiocese name= Valencia en Venezuela latin=Archidioecesis country= Venezuela rite=Latin… …   Wikipedia

  • Somnolens — Sygelig søvnighed, dvale …   Danske encyklopædi

  • Tudse — Tudsen er en af de mest almindelige padder i Danmark. En tudse ligger i dvale om vinteren. En voksen huntudse kan blive cirka 10 12 cm lang, og en voksen hantudse er 7 8 cm lang. En tudse spiser orme. Den lever hvor der er sumpet, så er den… …   Danske encyklopædi

  • dwell — O.E. dwellan to mislead, deceive, originally to make a fool of, lead astray, from P.Gmc. *dwaljanan (Cf. O.N. dvöl delay, dvali sleep; M.Du. dwellen to stun, make giddy, perplex; O.H.G. twellen to hinder, delay; Dan. dvale trance, stupor …   Etymology dictionary

  • dwale — /dweɪl/ (say dwayl) noun the deadly nightshade, Atropa belladonna. {? Scandinavian. Compare Danish dvale, sleep, torpor} …  

  • Weiberlist — 1. Weiberlist geht über alle List. – Pred. Sal. 25, 18; Petri, II, 615; Eyering, III, 430; Simrock, 11352; Ramann, Unterr., V, 6; Schulze, 163; Braun, I, 4957. Frz.: Rien n égale la ruse des femmes. It.: Le donne hanno più un punto, che il… …   Deutsches Sprichwörter-Lexikon

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